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Introducing the Men's Trabuco Max 2 - a trailblazer in running shoe technology designed to give you an unbeatable edge. Tap into the power of nature and technology with this highly advanced shoe, crafted for those who crave an extraordinary running experience. Discover ultimate comfort, unparalleled support, and enhanced energy savings in every stride. Your perfect trail companion awaits.

Effortless Momentum
FF BLAST™ PLUS technology redefines the running game. This revolutionary material in the midsole expertly absorbs impact while launching you forward with every step. Dynamic, lightweight, and reliable – Trabuco Max 2 propels your performance without weighing you down.

Go Farther, Spend Less Energy
Unlock your true potential with GUIDESOLE® technology – an innovative design that promotes an easy forward roll with your foot's natural motion. Scientifically proven to reduce energy expenditure, this feature enables you to break boundaries and run further than ever before.

Supreme Cushioning
With a high cushion designed to cradle and support your feet, the Trabuco Max 2 guarantees unmatched comfort during your most challenging trail runs. Let our highly responsive footwear make every step feel like a walk in the clouds.

Neutral Support for Balanced Gait
The Men's Trabuco Max 2 is optimally built to provide neutral support - the ideal balance and stability for all runners, improving your stride and promoting natural movement.

Reach New Heights
Our trail shoe boasts a 5mm heel-to-toe drop (38mm forefoot/43mm heel), optimizing your stride for improved support and impact reduction. Elevate your performance and conquer the most demanding terrains with ease.

Light On Your Feet
Weighing in at 10.7 oz (305 g), the Men's Trabuco Max 2 is designed to deliver a feather-light feel without sacrificing durability. Experience enhanced agility and tackle trails head-on.

Explore. Adapt. Excel. with the Men's Trabuco Max 2, the perfect fusion of technology and nature designed to unleash your running potential. Seamlessly glide through trails, leaving competitors in the dust.

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Craig P.
Just what I've been looking for!!

I have been battling Plantar Fasciitis for a year.. Finally found some shoes with MAX cushion and some "tread" on the bottom.. I use these for Softball and they are perfect!! Thanks Asics and Sequel for having them at an affordable price!!